Mr. Squid
Mr. Squid
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer

Mr. Squid attempted to join Prime Evil's Hauntquarters crew but was rejected before he could display any of his powers. Therefore, he decided to capture the Ghostbusters on his own. Posing as 'Mr. Billingsly', he lured the Ghostbusters to the Mansion on the Hill, supposedly as guests of honor at Mrs. Billingsly's surprise party.

Using his magical and astral powers, Squid easily captured all three Ghostubers, but did not count on a rescue operation being mounted by Belfry and his cousin Beauregard.



Mr. Squid has water based magical powers which he can conjure up by uttering various appropriate spells. He is also able to turn himself in to a squid shaped astral form so he can fly from here to there.



Country Cousin


Mr. Billingsly
Astral Squid

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