Mr. Smythe
Mr. Smythe handwringing
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Mr. Smythe' was the manager of the Wastaway Plant. He preferred to dump toxic waste in the city sewers instead of processing it. The caused a destructive reaction to occur in every ghost that smelled it's fumes and most of them sought out the Wastaway Plant to attack it. Smythe called in the Ghostbusters not once, but twice. Although the Ghostbusters managed to clear the plant of ghosts using their Ghost Busting Missile, they were unable to save the plant from being destoryed as well.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Mr. Smythe first appeared in the episode The Battle For Ghost Command.


The Battle For Ghost Command

Trivia Edit

Smythe's way of speaking is modelled after actor Jack Nicholson.


Mr. Smythe handwringing
Smythe Phone
Smythe Jake
Smythe Jake torn suit

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