Merlin the Magician
Appeared in The Ghost Busters episode"Merlin, the Magician"
Played by Carl Ballantine

Merlin the Magician is in the episode of Merlin, the Magician. He was one of the few ghosts who actually wanted to go back to the Great Beyond to entertain crowds with his magic act, which kept going wrong. He was stalked by the ghost of his old enemy Morgan le Fay.


Unlike most Ghosts he seems to be a all around good guy and even wanted to be dematerialized.

Physical DescriptionEdit


In the followup series Ghostbusters, Merlin is a living wizard that has a apprentice named Fuddy that tries to help the ghostbusters which suggests that indeed there are two Merlins in Filmations Ghostbusters Franchise. However, It isn't to say that can't be the same character; Merlin's alive in the time of King Arthur in the cartoon, and may have died and become a ghost by the time of the first series. And as many centuries have passed between the days of King Arthur and the original series, plenty of time for his attitudes to change. This can explain why he's much more mellow when the Elder Kong and Spencer encounter him.