Memory Controller

Replaces good memories with nasty ones

Memory Controller
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Memory Controller was a device that could remove good memories from a person's mind and replace them with mean, nasty and evil memories.

Prime Evil first tested the Memory Controller on Brat-A-Rat. But since Brat-A-Rat never had any good memories anyway, the controller had no effect. Prime Evil then ordered Apparitia and Long John Scarechrome to kidnap Tracy the Gorilla. Once the ape was captured, Prime Evil began to systematicallyreplace Tracy's good memories, specifically those involving the Ghostbusters triumphing over evil, with new memories in which the Ghostbusters were defeated themselves. The aim of this was to make Tracy change sides and work for evil instead of good.

Luckilly, the two remaining Ghostbusters, Eddie Spenser Jr. and Jake Kong Jr. infiltrated Hauntquarters and, when Prime Evil and his ghosts stepped out for a while, began to change Tracy's memories back to their original state. When Prime Evil returned, he still expected Tracy to have been brainwashed into doing his bidding. But Tracy tricked him, by walking towards Prime as if in a trance, then grabbing him in a bear (or more accurately gorilla) hug and deposit him into the seat of the Memory Controller to give Prime Evil a taste of his own medicine. Jake then proceded to give Prime Evil some good memories for a change.


The Memory Controller was first used in the episode Tracy Come Back.


Tracy mind controlled
Prime Mind Control

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