Madame Why's Wagon

Madame Why's home

Madame Why's Wagon
Appeared in Ghostbusters

Madame Why's Wagon is Madame Why's base of operations as well as her home. It is protected from evil magic and the powers of Prime Evil by the Gold Wreath which has been in Why's gypsy family for generations.

The Wagon itself has also been in Why's family for generations. It belonged to the gypsy fortune teller named Tanya at the time of Julius Caesar's rule. Madame Why and the Ghostbusters travelled back in time to stop Brat-A-Rat and Scared Stiff from stealing the magical Golden Wreath, and Tracy the Gorilla ended up converting the Gypsy Wagon into a racing chariot to compete in against Marcus Phantomus during a chariot race at Circus Maximus.


Madame Why's Wagon was first seen in the episode Statue of Liberty.


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