Linda Gary
Birth On November 4, 1944
Death On October 5, 1995
Character Portrayed Mysteria
Madame Why
External Link IMDb

Linda Gary (born Linda Gary Dewoskin) was an American actress and voice-over artist who worked on multiple animated projects. Her work for Filmation includes the series Blackstar , He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra, Princess of Power. She was also credited as a voice actor on several episodes of BraveStarr but did not actually provide any voices for this series.

Among her other voice acting work was the role of 'Aunt May' on the animated Spider-Man series and 'Grandma Longneck' on the sequels to The Land Before Time.

She died on October 5, 1995 aged 50 of brain cancer, a month before her 51st birthday.

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