Lane Scheimer
Birth On December 25, 1956
Character Portrayed The Ghost
Episode(s) The Ghost Busters-All (uncredited)
External Link IMDb

Lane Scheimer, son of Filmation president Lou Scheimer and brother of voice actress Erika Scheimer. Both of them did voice work for various TV series produced by their father, as well as appearing on screen in several instances.

Ghostbusters RelatedEdit

Scheimer appeared uncredited as The Ghost in the opening title sequence to The Ghost Busters. According to his father in the book "Creating the Filmation Generation", Lane was the only person on set the could find who was taller than Forrest Tucker. Therefore, his father employed Lane as Tucker's stand-in during production of this series.

Unlike Erika, Lane gave up doing voice work in the early Eighties and did not work on the animated Ghostbusters series.

List of worksEdit


  • Appeared in a commercial for Reddi-Wip as a child, together with his sister Erika Scheimer and featuring early animation by Filmation. Circa 1964.
  • The 1968 Filmation cartoon series "Fantastic Voyage" featured a character named "Dr. Erika Lane", named after Lou Scheimer's daughter Erika and son Lane. Lou himself used 'Erika Lane' as a pseudonym whenever he was credited as a composer on one of his productions.

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