A picture frame showing Great Grandfather Kong's family

The Kong family makes many appearances during the animated series, and will be noted here.

Known FamilyEdit

Jake Kong Jr.
Jake Kong
Noah Kong
Great Grandfather Kong
Clint Kong

History of the Kong'sEdit


The history of the Kong line is shown to be known to go back to the 1840's in the usa wild west. There are lots of debates on if there are four members in the family or six known.

(Marshall) Clint KongEdit

First known member of the Kong's line is Clint. It was never confirmed if his actually last name was Kong, but more than likely is. His appearance was in Like Father Like Son, where he was turned into a werewolf and therefore all Kong family had the curse.

He appears in the time of September, 10 1842 according to Prime Evil as he sent his henchman Sir Trance-a-lot to capture Clint. He lived in Tombstone, Arizona which was used to explain why he was also a Marshall.

Great Grandfather KongEdit

The second known member in the Kong line is the little known Great Grandfather Kong. Like Clint its unknown if he has the same last name, and there is debate if he isn't just Clint. However he looks quite different from Clint in the show.

He appears in a flashback and ran a gold mine which most likely was between 1848-1855 (California Gold Rush). He was ran out of business by Prime Evil and his gang in episode The Headless Horseman Caper.

He also appears to have a wife and child in w picture during the flashback. The child is wearing w batism dress. This means it could be either a boy or a girl. One can therefore presume that the baby is Noah Kong.

(Grandpa) Noah KongEdit

Jake Kong (Sr.)Edit

Jake Kong (Jr.)Edit

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