Knight Fright
Knight Fright
Appeared in Ghostbusters

Knight Fright was a ghost knight who mostly operated in London, England. When the Ghostbusters competed against Beastly Buggy in a Race around the World, Prime Evil sent The Haunter to London to sabotage the Ghostbusters and their trusty mode of transport, Ghost Buggy.

Haunter made use of his cousin Knight Fright to scare the Ghostbusters when they travelled below the catacombs of the Tower of London. Although Eddie Spenser Jr. confessed to being frightened and wanted to go home, Jake Kong Jr. refused to give up the race. With the combined efforts of Tracy the Gorilla's bubblegum and his Spectre Snare invention, Knight Fright was swiftly defeated. Haunter didn't get his translucent hands dirty at all during this section of the race, but he was ordered to get out of Prime Evil's sight after referring to Prime by the nickname 'Gov'.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

  • Knight Fright was a fully armored Knight who appeared to have come straight from the Middle Ages. His Dark blue armor covered all of his body except for his purple fingers. On top of his helmet was mounted a flame-red plume of feathers.
  • Knight Fright rode an unnamed grey horse. It is unknown if the horse was still alive or a ghost like it's rider, but the latter is to be expected.
  • Knight Fright was unable to make any recognizable speech from underneath his visor. Only growls and moans could be heard coming from him, which added to his frightful image.

History Edit

Knight Fright first appeared in the episode The Beastly Buggy.


The Beastly Buggy

Trivia Edit

  • Although Haunter refers to him as 'Cousin Knight Fright' several times, Prime Evil later calls the same ghost 'Fright Knight' instead.
  • The character model for Knight Fright is reused for another Ghost, the Knight of Terror in the episode which bares his name. However, this knight is related to Prime Evil instead of Haunter.



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