King Bowzar
King Bowzar
Appeared in Ghostbusters

King Bowzar ruled Babylon 5000 years prior to the time of the Ghostbusters, around 3100 b.c. He was known as the most evil king who ever lived. A large statue of him, sitting on his thrown, was the main attraction of a new Babylonian exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum in 1986. When Jessica Wray broadcast a live report on the opening of the exhibit, the statue of Bowzar came to live and kidnapped her.

At the same time, Prime Evil used the combined energy of the four Phantoms of Ancient Babylonian (Moon Phantom, Sun Phantom, Weather Phantom and Star Phantom to bring Earth to a complete stop. Then he forced the Time Gyroscope to move in reverse, making the Earth return to Babylonian times.

The Ghostbusters escaped being pulled out of existence thanks to their Ghost Command Force Field, but soon found themselves back in ancient Babylonian times, where Bowzar was about to reclaim his throne and take Jessica as his wife.

Using their Jet Packs, the Ghostbusters snatched Jessica away from her wedding ceremony and the growling king. This made Prime Evil decide to forget about Babylon and head for the Stone Age instead.


King Bowzar was so evil that he spoke in an inhuman growl.


King Bowzar makes his only appearance in the episode The Bad Old Days.


The Bad Old Days


King Bowzar Statue
King and Queen

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