King Arthur
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

King Arthur Pendragon was a legendary Knight turned King who ruled England around 500 AD and resided at Camelot. As a young man, Arhur proved his worthiness to be king by pulling the fabled sword Excalibur out of a rock, a feat which no other person was able to do. King Arthur's magician Merlin and several apprentices, one of whom had been sturying under him for 150 years: Fuddy.

When the Ghostbusters followed Sir Trancelot back into the past and were brought before Arthur by Merlin and Fuddy, the King revealed that he had sent several of his knights to Sir Trancelot's Haunted Castle, but none had returned. He decided that Fuddy would lead the Ghostbusters to the Haunted Castle, since he could not afford to lose Merlin.

Fuddy 'borrowed' Excalibur and almost caused it to be damaged beyond repair while fighting Trancelot's pet, Sparky The Dragon. Luckily, Tracy the Gorilla managed to bend Excalibur back into it's original shape using his great strength. Still, Jake Kong Jr. persuaded Fuddy to tell the truth about takign Excalibur to the King. To reward him for his bravery and honesty, Arthur asked Merlin to make Fuddy a Full Court Magician at last.

Arthur offered to make Jake, Tracy and Eddie Spenser Jr. Knights of the Round Table, and to make Futura the first woman knight. But when they declined so that they could continue their quest for the missing tablet pieces, Arthur told them to take along his sword, Excalibur.

The Ghostbusters eventually travelled back to the dawn of time, where Jake used Excalibur to defeat the Ghost of the Missing Link. In doing so, Excalibur got stuck in a rock and could not be pulled out again, not even by Tracy. Jake then surmised that it had been destiny to return the sword to the same rock from which it would be pulled free by Arthur many centuries later.


He was portrayed a smart king that allowed the ghostbusters to be lead to Sir Trancelot's Haunted Castle by Fuddy.


King Arthur first appeared in the episode Frights of the Roundtable.


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