Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Susan Blu

Keyta was a ten year old girl in the year 2186 and was stationed at Moon Base Alpha where her father was Mayor. Keyta found herself to be very bored and played a prank on the Ghostbusters and Futura, who were there to install Ghost Alarms. Keyta used a remote control balloon that was used as a scarecrow at the Moon Base and acted like the base was under attack by ghosts. She was grounded by her father and was not allowed to watch Moonvision for her prank.

But then Keyta spotted the arrival of vampires Victor and Vampra arrived, who had been sent by Prime Evil to sabotage the Moon Bloom growth at the base. Unfortunately, because of her previous false alarm, none of the grown-ups save Eddie Spenser Jr. believed Keyta when she claimed that Victor and Vampra, now posing as a human coulple called the 'Drackels' were actually vampires.


Keyta makes her only appearance in the episode The Girl Who Cried Vampire.


The Girl Who Cried Vampire


Flying with Futura
Keyta and dad remote control

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