Jekyll & Hyde-Together, For the First Time!
Episode Number Dvd 11
Production Number 83011
Date First Aired 11/15/1975

Jekyll & Hyde-Together, For the First Time! was an episode of The Ghost Busters.


Jake Kong --Forrest Tucker 

Eddie Spenser--Larry Storch  

Tracy the Gorilla--"trained by" Bob Burns  

Dr. Jekyll--Severn Darden  

Mr. Hyde

Zero--Lou Scheimer (voice-over)  



Jekyll and Hyde, portrayed as separate people, return to the world of the living. Jekyll is intent on stealing a possession of a poor fool with no personality so he can create a formula that will fob Hyde off on them.


Severn Darden, who played Dr. Jekyll, was an alumnus of Chicago's famed Second City improv group. Dr. Jekyll, here, is a typical example of Darden's characters and routines.


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