Hermie Winslow
Hermie Winslow
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Susan Blu

Hermie Winslow was a friend of Corky and according to him, Hermie had been a 'coward all his life'. Together with Bones, the two boys explored a haunted house in Salem, Massachusetts. Although slightly scared, Hermie thought the Witch of Salem was just a legend. But when the Witch appeared on the doorstep, the boys and their dog made run for it and called the Ghostbusters.

Later, after the Ghosbusters and Futura defeated Prime Evil in the past, Winslow's father purchased the house and had it fixed up. Acme Movers brought over the Winslow family's furniture and Hermie had learned not to worry about ghost any more, because he felt save knowing he could rely on the Ghostbusters.

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History Edit

Hermie first appeared in Witch's Stew.


Witch's Stew

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Hermie Winslow
Hermie's house
Hermie, Futura and Corky

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