Haunted Castle Sir Trancelot
Appeared in Ghostbusters

Sir Trancelot's Haunted Castle was located in England, not far from Camelot, sometime around 500 AD. Sir Trancelot made his home at the castle and kept his pet dragon Sparky there.

King Arthur sent some of his bravest knights to the Haunted Castle to defeat Trancelot, but none returned. The Ghostbusters followed Trancelot into the past in search of the missing tablet pieces that could locate their kidnapped fathers. King Arthur decided that Merlin's apprentice Fuddy would lead the visitors from the future to the Haunted Castle.

Fuddy 'borrowed' Arthur's fabled sword Excalibur before leaving, but the sword proved to be no match for Trancelot's pet dragon. However, Jake Kong Jr. found a way to defeat Sparky using a fire hose and to demetarialize Trancelot while still getting hold of the missing piece of the tablet Trancelot was keeping to himself.

Items/Characters in Haunted Castle Sir Trancelot Edit


Sparky The Dragon


The Haunted Castle first appeared in the episode Frights of the Roundtable.

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