Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Captain Harpoon was a ghost pirate who sailed the universe in his Ghost Ship with his crew. His goal was to be the greatest ghost pirate in the galaxy.

He had been savouring a particular bit of evil magic for a long time to pull of his plan. He had several Energy Tattoos on his body which could be used to come to live and take energy form. However, this could only be done once.

Harpoon activated a tattoo of a serpent on his chest to break through the Phantom Prison Panet's Ghost Field to kidnap Captain Ahab and force Moby-Dick to do his bidding.

Once Moby-Dick was under Harpoon's command, he started raiding Space Liners. But the Ghostbusters, Futura and Jessica Wray managed to free Ahab and turn the tide using Moby-Dick.

Presumably, Harpoon and his pirate crew ended up as prisoners on the Phantom Prison Planet themselves.


Harpoon first appeared in the episode The White Whale.


The White Whale


Harpoon and his crew
Shark tattoos

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