Great Ghost Gorilla
Appeared in Ghostbusters- The Great Ghost Gorilla
Voiced by Peter Cullen

The Great Ghost Gorilla originated on Earth, but relocated to the planet Gorillium, where he took over the entire planet commanding an army of Robot Gorilla's. When he learned about the strength and intelligence that Tracy the Gorilla posessed, the Great Ghost ordered his Robot Gorilla's to kidnap Tracy so his scientist Robot Gorilla's could use Tracy as a model for a new army of Ghost Gorilla's.


His appearance is that of a purplish-gray furred hood-wearing gorilla. He has yellow eyes without pupils..


The Great Ghost Gorilla first appeared in the episode The Great Ghost Gorilla.


The Great Ghost Gorilla

Tracy Come Back (flashback only) (footage from The Great Ghost Gorilla)


The Great Ghost Gorilla was a one-time antagonist to the Ghostbusters, especially Tracy. However he did appear once more in one of Tracy's memories which was altered by Prime Evil in the episode Tracy Come Back.


Great Ghost and Robot Gorilla
Gorilla glint

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