Golem Guard
Golem Guard
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer

The Golem Guard lived deep inside the Earth's core in CoreWorld but because of the Coresun, he was forced to live his life as an inanimate stone. Then Prime Evil came to CoreWorld and extinguished the CoreSun with the wave of a dark jewel. This caused the Rock Golem to awaken from their stone form and capture all of Rexacore's people.

The Golem Guard adressed his Golem General to tell him that a visit from Prime Evil was to be expected. When the Stone Golem were defeated by the combined forces of Rexacor, Corrine, Futura and the Ghostbusters, the CoreSun was restored, turning the Golem, including the Golem Guard, back to stone. Only the Golem General managed to escape this fate.

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History Edit

Golem Guard first appeared in the episode Inside Out.


Inside Out

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