Golem General
Golem General
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

The Golem General existed as an inanimate stone in CoreWorld for centuries, until the CoreSun was extinguished by Prime Evil. After awakening, Golem General was put in charge of the Golem Soldiers, who proceded to capture all the human inhabitants of CoreWorld and put them in slave camps.

Golem General was always accompanied by a pet spider named Collywobble who used to sit on top of the General's throne and drop stone pellets into the Generals mouth as snacks. When the Stone Golem were defeated and the CoreSun was restored by Rexacor, Corrine, The Ghostbusters and Futura, Golem General was the only Golem to escape, thanks to the timely actions of his pet spider. Collywobble rolled the General, who had turned back to stone, into a dark, shadowy cave, where the General turned into a sentient Golem once more and swore his vengeance on Rexacor.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Golem General first appeared in the episode Inside Out.


Inside Out

Trivia Edit

In the original shooting script, which is one of the extras on the Ghostbusters DVD box set, Golem General is at one point referred to by the name 'Globulus'.


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