Golden Wreath

to see things in the past, present and future

Golden Wreath
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Golden Wreath gave Madam Why the power to see things in the past, present and future. It had been in Madam's family since it was given to her ancestor Tanya by Julius Caesar.

Caesar had been given the wreath by Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, who had told him that it posessed magical powers. He decided to present it as a gift to Gypsy fortune teller Tanya after she warned him not to cross the old bridge into Rome for fear of his life.

Prime Evil hired Marcus Phantomus to steal the wreath away from Tanya so it would not be part of her gypsy family for generations to come. Afraid that history would be changed, Madam Why and the Ghostbusters travelled back in time to 49 B.C. to help protect the wreath.

Brat-A-Rat and Scared Stiff were also sent back so they could strand Ghost Buggy there. But when Brat-A-Rat tried to get his hands on the wreath instead, it fell into the hands of a Roman Centurion who refused to believe that Tanya was the rightful owner and made the wreath first prize in a chariot race at Circus Maximus.

Tanya and the Ghostbusters competed in the race in her modified gypsy wagon against Marcus Phantomus and managed to come in first place. The wreath was once again presented to Tanya by Caesar himself.

Afterwards, the wreath stayed in the gypsy family as an heirloom until it finally ended up in a golden chest owned by Madam Why.




Caesar surprised
Golden Wreath
Centiurion Golden Wreath
Madam Why Golden Wreath

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