Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Goblin, also called 'Goofy Goblin' by Prime Evil was sent to spy on the Ghostbusters and only learned that Belfry wished to be larger in size. Stationed outside one of Ghost Command's windows with a notepad, the presense of the Goblin made the Spectre Detector go off and the Ghostbusters soon jumped into Ghost Buggy and used Ghost Remover to dematerialize him.


According to the original Ghostbusters Series Bible (available in PDF form on Volume 2 of the DVD set), a similar looking Goblin character was supposed to be a recurring character in the series. This version, known as 'G.B. the Ghostbusting Goblin' was on the side of the Ghostbusters and wanted to give Goblins in general a better name.


Goblin makes his only appearance in the episode Little Big Bat.


Little Big Bat


Groovy Goblin spies
Goblin Caught

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