Go-er Chronology is a Ghostbusters Timeline that addresses the history of Filmation Ghostbusters Universe.

Included are both The Ghost Busters Live Action show, Ghostbusters Animated Series, and First Comics Ghostbusters Series. It is based mostly on air dates of episodes, but most of the time the order of the box sets are used. In some places there is a bit of guessing as of past event may not have a date per say. The time travel is noted to be in effect of Predestination Paradox.


Time Travel as seen in Ghostbusters


Jake Kong Sr.

Tracy the Gorilla September 24 based on "A Friend In Need". and air date of that episode.

Between 65.5-2.6 MAEdit


The Time between 65.5-2.6 MA

Between 65.5 million years ago (Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event) through 2.6 million years ago (Lower Paleolithic).

It must be noted that Prime Evil said it was the Beginning of time. The reason for the dates in question is that science believes dinosaurs and humans did not inhabit the earth at the same time, and didn't co-exist.

  • (During this time period) episode "Dynamite Dinosaurs". They End up heading back to 1986 after finding out that Prime Evil kidnapped the dinosaurs.

Between 1790-1649 BCEdit

Between 1790-1649 BC (Thirteenth dynasty of Egypt). This time is where Airhead comes from.

49 BCEdit

Between 500-540 ADEdit

Between 500-540 AD (King Arthur's Time frame).

Between 1201-1300Edit

13th Century Ireland

Between 1325-1521Edit

Between 1325-1521 (History of Tenochtitlan). No date was given in the episode but its about the ancient aztec city of Tenochtitlan.


This date was noted by Prime Evil during the episode "Witch's Stew".

  • (Sometime that year) episode "Witch's Stew". Prime Evil sent Futura to 1692 while she was time traveling to visit the ghostbusters.

Between 1701-1713Edit

Between 1701-1713 Frederick I's time frame as King in Prussia. Note that this is assuming that the King is Frederick and that this is the first as King. There are more Kings known as Frederick after Frederick I, but it feels like a young monarchy in the comic.


Prime Evil states that they are going back to September 10, 1842 in the episode. There are noted historical problems with the story as Tombstone, Arizona wasn't started til 1879.

  • (September 10, 1842) episode "Like Father Like Son". They traveled to this time to stop the curse in Jake Kong's family.

Between 1848-1855Edit

Between 1848-1855 (California Gold Rush). Great Grandfather Kong seems to be the son of Clint Kong. Tho Clint looks a bit young he probably was in his 40's by the factor he was the Marshall and so highly respected.



  • (1946) episode "Father Knows Beast" notes that the Senior Ghostbusters defeated Slort, which means the ghostbusters were in business all the way back in 1946.



The Ghost Busters going to the General Store in 1975

All 15 The Ghost Busters episodes are dated at this time. The date the show aired is assumed to be the date of the events of the episode, as nothing time related happened.




Ghost Command in 1986

The start of the episodes of Ghostbusters are during this time frame. The original Air dates are first considered, and the placement The Box Sets. Many episodes had time travel.
  • (September 16, 1986) episode "Mummy Dearest". (No Time Traveling in this episode.)
  • (September 17, 1986) episode "Wacky Wax Museum". (No Time Traveling in this episode.)
  • (September 18, 1986) episode "Statue of Liberty". (No Time Traveling in this episode.)
  • (September 24, 1986) episode "A Friend In Need". No Time Traveling in this episode.
  • (September 25, 1986) episode "No Mo' Snow". No Time Traveling in this episode.
  • (September 29, 1986) episode "Cyman's Revenge". The Ghostbusters head to 2960 to help Futura. This rest of the episode is spent there.
  • (October 31, 1986) episode "Back To The Past". No Time Traveling in this episode. The episode is on this date due to the factor that its Halloween.

  • (November 03, 1986) episode "Second Chance". (No Time Traveling in this episode)
  • (November 04, 1986) episode "Tracy, Come Back". (No Time Traveling in this episode)
  • (November 05, 1986) episode "Doggone Werewolf". The Ghostbusters during the first half of the episode are in 1986 but when dealing with Fangster go to the year 2351 AD.
  • (November 08, 1986) episode "Witch's Stew". This episode belonged after episode Doggone Werewolf due to Bones inclusion in the episode. He was introduced in Doggone Werewolf. In Witch's Stew Futura and then everyone else went back to 1692
  • (November 17, 1986) episode "Little Big Rat". While not long, Jessica took GB to 2960 to get Futura to help rescue the Ghostbusters.
  • (November 28, 1986) episode "Father Knows Beast". (No Time Traveling in this episode, however it makes reference to the first Ghost Busters case happening 40 years ago. This episode also suggests the original Ghost Busters did do cases outside of the areas shown in the show The Ghost Busters.)
  • (December 02, 1986) episode "Pretend Friends". No Time Traveling in this episode.
  • (December 04, 1986) episode "Maze Caves". No Time Traveling in this episode.
  • (December 05, 1986) episode "The Way You Are". No Time Traveling in this episode.


  • (January 01, 1988) comic book #4 "Swamp Chorus". (No Time Traveling in this comic, But it is revealed that the Filmation Ghostbusters are based in New York, New York.)




Prime Evil and Brat-A-Rat in the vault in 2086

As stated in "I'll Be A Son of a Ghostbuster (Part I)" by Prime Evil that this time is the time that Hauntquarters is in. Anytime anyone is at Hauntquarters it's 2086 unless otherwise noted.

Belfry seems to be from this time period as well as he was in the cave and let Prime Evil out.


This seems to be the noted time that Fangster is from.

  • (Sometime that year) episode "Doggone Werewolf". Fangster is based on a planet during this time period.



2960 AD

Prime Evil states that 2960 was the date that Futura lives in as noted in episode "My Present To The Future".

  • (September 08, 2960) episode "I'll Be A Son of a Ghostbuster (Part I)". Prime Evil and his minion go to the 2960 which is Futura's time and start taking over. The Ghostbusters leave for the 2960 at the end of the episode.
  • (September 29, 2960) episode "Cyman's Revenge". The Ghostbusters head to come to 2960 to help out Futura and her brother Morrow.
  • (November 17, 2960) episode "Little Big Rat". While not long Jessica goes to 2960 to get Futura and then went back to 1986 to rescue the Ghostbusters.

Fictional None HistoryEdit

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