Global Energy Station
Global Energy Station
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Global Energy Station supplied power to the entire planet Earth in the year 2340. It was protected by a laser controlled forceshield. The President of the World Federation and his dignitaries were especially proud of the Energy Station. The electricity to every home and every building in the world was controlled by one central computer.

Although outsiders were not allowed to visit the Station, the President of the World Federation made an exception when the first alien to visit Earth asked to receive a tour of the Energy Station specifically. The President was unaware that the alien was actually Prime Evil and that his 'ministers' were Scared Stiff and Fangster.

Soon after being shown the main controls of the station, Prime Evil and his henchghosts took them over and began to cause chaos all over the world. Luckilly, the Ghostbusters and Futura had travelled to the year 2340, rescued the actual three aliens who's Alien Spaceship Prime Evil had stolen and managed to defeat all of the ghosts.


The Global Energy Station first appeared in the episode That's No Alien.


Global Energy Station spires
Global Energy Station controls

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