Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Pat Fraley

Gimghoul was a whicked ghoul who resided in Fairytale Land and commanded the Ghost Knights that made up the Ghost Patrol. He interrupted the wedding ceremony of Princess Gwendolyn and Prince Delwin and used his Spell Sceptre to put a spell on Delwin.

Delwin had been transformed into a troll and fled from Durham Castle. Gwendolyn was being kept a prisoner in the tower by Gimghoul and was told that the only way to see Delwin ever again would be for her to agree to marry Gimghoul, willingly. Delwin the Troll and the Ghostbusters arrived just before the marriage was made official. Delwin risked his life facing Gimghoul and his mighty Spell Sceptre, which made Gwendolyn trust the troll instead of being repulsed by his wickedness.

Eventually, Jake Kong Jr. used the Ghost Dematerializer to send Gimghoul into the Great Beyond.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Gimghoul first appeared in The Princess And The Troll.


The Princess And The Troll


Gimghoul Ghost Patrol
Spell Sceptre

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