Ghosts: Ghostbusters Action Figures
Description of Image The line of Ghosts from the Filmation Ghostbusters Series
Part of the Line Schaper/Tyco Ghostbusters Toy Line
For Promoting Ghostbusters Animated Series
Produced by Schaper
Features Action Figures

Ghosts: Ghostbusters Action Figures Action Figures (Part of the Schaper/Tyco Ghostbusters Toy Line), and are loosely based off Ghostbusters Animated Series. Because Brat-a-rat was packaged with Belfry, a separate page was made for them here.

This line had the main six villains including Prime Evil, Scared Stiff, Mysteria, Fangster, Haunter, and Fib Face. Characters that did not get toys made after them of the main cast were: Apparitia, Long John Scarechrome, Sir Trance-a-lot, Floatzart, Airhead, and Big Evil.

Toy DescriptionsEdit

Prime EvilEdit

Prime Evil
with Removable Cape

Scared StiffEdit

Scared Stiff







Fib FaceEdit

Fib Face

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