Ghost Vacuum Cleaner

To suck up Ghosts

Ghost Vaccum Cleaner
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Ghost Vacuum Cleaner was a device used by Eddie Spenser Jr. to clean up an unknamed Ghool Aid shaped like a hairy purple monster. Eddie produced the Cleaner from his Ghost Pack, even though the device was substantially larger than the backpack itself.

The vaccum cleaner appeared to have life of it's own, not unlike the various Ghost Command items such as Ansabone and Skelevision. Therefore it is debatable if the vacuum cleaner is an invention of Tracy the Gorilla's or a haunted item.

The vacuum cleaner refused to spring into action until Eddie gave it a kick. Then, with a sputting noice reminiscent of Ghost Buggy, it sprang into action and chased the Ghool Aid around a corner inside Hauntquarters. Neither were seen again, so remains unclear wether the ghost escaped or was sucked up by the Cleaner.


The Ghost Vaccum Cleaner first appeared in the episode Ghostnappers.


Ghost Vaccum Cleaner
Green Vacuum

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