Ghost Telephone Operator
Ghost Telephone operator
Appeared in Ghostbusters

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

History Edit

The Ghost Telephone Operator first appeared in The Ransom Of Eddie Spenser.


The Ransom Of Eddie Spenser (non-speaking role)

Trivia Edit

The Ghost Telephone Operator only appears for one scene of The Ransom Of Eddie Spenser and does not speak. The way the character is shown resembles the character of Bella La Ghostly from the 1970 Filmation cartoon series Groovie Goolies who also served as a telephone operator on that show. However it is a new character model since the original model for Bella was reused in Ghostbusters for the character of Vampra.


Ghost Telephone operator

Ghost Telephone operator

Bella La Ghostly

Bella La Ghostly

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