Ghost patrol
Ghost Patrol in action
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Erik Gunden

Ghost Patrol was the collective name used to describe a group of Ghost Knights that were commanded by the whicked Gimghoul in Fairytale Land. The Ghost Patrol were equiped with magic lances, and occassionally rode horses, which appeared to be alive rather than ghosts.

When Gimghoul took Princess Gwendolyn prisoner and turned and Prince Delwin into a troll, the Ghost Patrol were on hand to guard Durham Castle in Gimghoul's name.

The Ghost Patrol faced the Ghostbusters when they entered Fairytale Land, both on horseback and on foot inside the castle. After defeating a couple of Ghost Knights, the Ghostbusters and Delwin the Troll took the Knight's armor to disguise themselves as Ghost Knights.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

History Edit

The Ghost Patrol first appeared in The Princess And The Troll.


The Princess And The Troll


Although the various Ghost Knights had different voices, they were all provided by Lou Scheimer. They sounded similar to his voice work for the Horde Troopers on She-Ra, Princess of Power.


Ghost Patrol in action
Gimghoul Ghost Patrol

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