Ghost Duster

To leave a smoke screen

Ghost Duster
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Ghost Duster was a feature build into Ghost Buggy. When the driver, usually Tracy the Gorilla, would turn on the Ghost Duster, a trail of green smoke would be ejected from one of G.B.'s rear exhausts. The purpoise of this was to temporarilly blind any persuers so Ghost Buggy could make a clear getaway.

An unfortunate side effect was that the dust was so powerful and all encompassing, that the Ghostbusters and G.B. would most often also lose their sense of direction due to a lack of vision.


The Ghost Duster was only used in the episode The Fourth Ghostbuster. However, the scene in which it appears was seen as a flashback in the episode Tracy Come Back, which was released earlier.


Tracy Come Back (flashback only) (footage from The Fourth Ghostbuster)

The Fourth Ghostbuster


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