Ghost Cuffs

To cuff a ghost

Ghost Cuffs
Appeared in Ghostbusters

Ghost Cuffs were a new invention of Tracy the Gorilla. So new in fact, that Tracy hadn't made any keys to unlock the cuffs yet. Eddie Spenser Jr. got himself cuffed to one end before he and Tracy realized this. Eddie somehow managed to go through the transformation sequence and change into uniform despite being cuffed.

On a cas in Africa, Eddie accidentally attached the other half of the cufs to Voodun the Voodoo Monster's index finger. From that moment they were stuck together. Fleeing into the jungle, the two oppposites began to respect each other. Eventually, Voodun rescued Eddie from drowning and Eddie rescued Voodun from a being put to sleep by Haunter's Stun-bolt crossbow.

Exactly how the cuffs were removed from Voodun's finger and Eddie's arm is unknown.


The Ghost Cuffs were only used in the episode The Bind That Ties.


The deviant ones
CPR on Eddie

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