Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Susan Blu

Gene was a friend of Corky and a self confessed 'master hacker'. He loved breaking into computer systems when his parents weren't home. One of his pranks involved changing the Ghostbusters telephone number to that of Antonio's Pizza Parlor. After that he stumbled upon Prime Evil's Prime Computer system and uploaded a little animation program he wrote earlier onto it.

Although Prime Evil was not pleased to see a stick figure dancing across his screen, he soon realized he could use Gene and his hacking knowledge to gain control of all the world's nuclear missile control systems. He ordered his cousin Knight Of Terror to kidnap Gene and put him under his spell.

The Ghostbusters and Corky soon travelled to Hauntquarters to rescue Gene. And once the Knight's spell had been broken, Gene used Prime's Computer to make all the machinery in Hauntquarters go haywire, before making his escape with his rescuers in Ghost Buggy.

On their way back home, Gene had to promise to change back the Ghostbuster's telephone number and stop using his computer skills to play pranks on others.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Trivia Edit

Since Gene is a 'hacker', his name appears to be an homage to actor Gene Hackman.


Gene first appeared in the episode Knight Of Terror.


Gene Hacker
Terrorized Gene

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