GeeBee Finder

To locate fellow Ghostbusters and/or Ghost Buggy

GeeBee Finder
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The GeeBee Finder was a device which could help locate Ghost Buggy and members of the Ghostbusters in the case any of them got separated and/or lost during a mission.

Eddie Spenser Jr. found himself lost in Hauntquarters after he distracted Brat-A-Rat and Scared Stiff and lured them away from Jake Kong Jr., who was trying to restore Tracy the Gorilla's memorys using Prime Evil's Memory Controller. After contacting Jake via his chest piece, Eddie was told by Jake to use the GeeBee Finder to find his way back to him.

Eddie was getting closer to Jake when he was startled by a statue of Prime Evil standing in his way and he dropped the GeeBee Finder. Lucky for him, the statue hid a secret passage way back to the chamber he was looking for.

A different looking Geebee Finder, also referred to as the Ghost Buggy finder, could be used in case Ghost Buggy went missing. This was a larger, boxier version with a twirling dish on top. It was connected to a device similar to a radar finder in the Ghost Buggy's dashboard. Only if both machnines were turned on at the same time, could a connection be made.


The GeeBee Finder was first used in the episode Tracy, Come Back.


Tracy Come Back

The Fourth Ghostbuster



GeeBee Finder close-up
Geebee finder beeper

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