Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer

GT-7 was the robot pilot on the StarWing test flight. When the ship was taken over by Prime Evil, GT-7 and co-pilot GT-6 hid themselves behind large mailbags in the main hold. There they were found by the Ghostbusters and Futura, who proceeded to help them regain the ship from Prime Evil, although they first found themselves locked up in the ship library.

When Prime Evil found himself unable from changing the course of the StarWing, he ordered GT-7 and Jake Kong Jr. brought to the cockpit. GT-7 immediately recognized that the ship was on a course to crash into the planet Mercury and was ordered to take over piloting the ship once more.

GT-7 managed to prevent the ship from crashing and then pushed an alarm button to give Jake a chance to escape from the cockpit. Prime Evil then put a spell on the robot to make him do his bidding. Although GT-7 did not believe a magic spell could work on a robot such as him, he was soon showing signs of being hypnotised and obeying Prime Evil's commands. He was told to set a course for Hauntquarters, his new home.

After the adventure had concluded victoriously for the Ghostbusters, President Gerald Vincent awarded a medal to the Ghostbusters, Futura, Belfry and the two robot pilots.


Although the two robot pilots GT-6 and GT-7 were practically identical, GT-7 was slightly taller in stature than GT-6.


GT-7 first appeared in the episode Scareplane.




Starwing Cockpit
Hypnotized Robot

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