Appeared in Ghostbusters

In the age of King Arthur's rule, this hairy, purple monster was conjured up by Fuddy using Merlin's Magic Staff. When Fuddy was kidnapped by Haunter and Scared Stiff soon after, the monster was free to make a mess of Merlin's quarters on his own. Later, when Brat-A-Rat arrived to relate a message to Merlin, he found only the monster and quipped "Hey, Fuzzball, where's Merlin?". The monster grabbed Brat-A-Rat, but soon the actual Merlin did arrive, who locked Brat-A-Rat up in a bottle. It is unclear what happened to 'Fuzzball' at this time.

In 1986, Fuzzball was rummaging through several garbage cans, looking for something to eat when the smell of onprocessed toxic waste put it's spell on him and made him go all light in the head. Together with scores of other ghosts, he was drawn to the Wastaway Plant, which he entered by walking through one of it's walls. The purple monster then picked up a Forklift truck and swallowed it whole.

Later, when the Ghostbusers infiltrated Hauntquarters to free Madam Why from captivity, Prime Evil called upon all of the ghosts under his command to find them and stop them. The Purple Monster confronted the Ghostbusters, blocking their way. But Eddie Spenser Jr. pulled a Ghost Vacuum cleaner out of his Ghost Pack. After Eddie kicked it into activity, the vacuum cleaner chased the Purple Monster around a corner. The outcome of this confrontation remains unknown.

Fuzzball made another, brief appearance inside a castle located in Limbo Land when the Ghostbusters were trapped in a painting made with the Enchanted Pants of Petronia.


'Fuzzball' first appeared in the episode The Battle For Ghost Command.


The Battle For Ghost Command


Our Buddy Fuddy

The Haunted Painting


Fuzzball is not the monsters actual name, but rather the way he was adressed by Brat-A-Rat.


Fuzzbal and Bratty
Fuzzball eats garbage

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