Frankenstein's Monster
Appeared in The Ghost Busters episode"Dr. Whatshisname"
Played by Bill Engesser

Frankenstein's Monster is in the episode Dr. Whatshisname. He is the monster made by Dr. Frankenstein, but needs a simple minded fools brain for which Dr. Frankenstein is seeking out.


A very dumb character that lack any form of logic.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The look of Frankenstein's Monster is patterned off the appearance of Boris Karloff's classic portrayal in the 1931 Universal Pictures movie, though he shares more in common with the Glenn Strange version. A tall man with green skin and a large forehead. A basic archetype.


Dr. Frankenstein and his creature are both ghosts in this episode and have the ability to teleport themselves to a different location by with a snap of Dr. Frankenstein's fingers.

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