Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Erika Scheimer

Flossy was a member of the Tooth Scaries, who occasionally work for Prime Evil. Her speciality was putting a sleeping spell on people by playing her guitar. Flossy had grown tired of causing trouble, and refused to participate in the Tooth Scaries' evil deeds or work for Prime Evil.

After being forced to help steal the Diamond of the Nile from a museum, Flossy convinced Big Tooth and the other Tooth Scaries to side with the Ghosbusters instead of Prime Evil.

However, the next time the Tooth Scaries appeared as a group, Flossy was no longer a part of them, having presumably left to focus on her music career, and the remaining three Scaries, Big Tooth, Sweet Tooth and Cavity returned to Prime Evil to ask him to give them another chance.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Flossyy first appeared in the episode Second Chance


Second Chance

Trivia Edit

With her big bow-tie and tiny legs, Flossy resembles Ms. Pacman.


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