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Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Floatzart, Musical Maestro of Fright, served Prime Evil.


Had an Austrian accent.


Floatzart was based visually upon a stereotypical 16th Century composer. His hairstyle bore strong similarities to Ludwig van Beethoven's.


Very little is known about Floatzart. He may have been a conductor when he was alive.

He first appeared in the episode I'll Be A Son of a Ghostbuster (Part I)


I'll Be A Son of a Ghostbuster (Part I)

Frights of the Roundtable (Part II) (recap only)

The Ones Who Saved The Future (Part V)

Witch's Stew

He Went Brataway

The Haunting Of Gizmo (non-speaking role)


Floatzart's name is derived from real-life composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

True to his classical composer roots, Floatzart could control ghosts through magical music, and on several occasions picked up a skeletal flute called the Float Flute -no doubt a reference to Mozart's opera The Magic Flute.

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