Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Erik Gunden

Fib-Face is one of many lackeys Prime Evil has at Hauntquarters somewhere in the Fifth Dimension/Ghost Limbo. He argues with himself all most all the time which annoys all around him. He is both literally and metaphorically two-faced. He didn't appear with the other ghosts in the series premiere.


He highly disagrees with himself as both faces seem to always think differently.


He dresses like a Medieval peasant.


No backstory about him has been given. However his clothing suggests me may have originated from the Medieval era.

First appeared in Eddie Takes Charge


Eddie Takes Charge

Banish That Banshee

He Went Brataway

Runaway Choo Choo

The Haunting Of Gizmo

The Haunted Painting

The Way You Are

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