Fanger Clanger

a cage made to fit Fangster

Fanger Clanger
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Fanger Clanger was a collapsable cage constructed of an unknown alloy by Tracy the Gorilla. As it's name suggest, the cage was made specifically to fit the Ghost Werewolf of the future, Fangster. However, when Fangster was first confronted with the metal construction, he enquired how the Ghostbusters intended to get him inside the cage and began to charge him, bearing his claws. Tracy the Gorilla, in a rare display of fear, jumped up into the air and landed in the Fanger Clanger himself. Once Fangster had left the scene in his Scare Scooter, Tracy released himself from the Fanger Clanger by pulling apart two of the bars on it's side, making the entire front of the square cage collapse.



The Fanger Clanger first appeared in the episode Doggone Werewolf.


Fanger Clanger expands
Stuck in the Fanger Clanger

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