Erika Scheimer
Birth On March 28, 1960
Character Portrayed Corky
Episode(s) Ghostbusters-All
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Erika Scheimer (pronounced SHY-mer) is an occasional voice-actress in the cartoons of the defunct Filmation animation-studio. She is the daughter of Lou Scheimer, who was an integral member of Filmation and a voice actor in his own right, and younger sister of Lane Scheimer, who appeared in the intro of every episode of The Ghost Busters as The Ghost.

She is best recognized for her work on the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon, where she provided additional female voices and occasional voice-acting for young boys (such as Prince Adam's cousin). She is often mistaken for Jay Scheimer (Lou's wife and her mother) as the second voice for Queen Marlena, originally voiced by Linda Gary.

Erika Scheimer also provided many voices for the spin-off series, She-Ra, Princess of Power including Frosta, Queen Angella, Imp, Perfuma, Peek-A-Blue, Loo-Kee and Flutterina.

Ghostbusters RelatedEdit

Erika Scheimer worked as the voice recording director on the Ghostbusters animated series and also provided several vlices, including Corky and the Skelevator.

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  • Appeared in a commercial for Reddi-Wip as a child, together with her brother Lane Scheimer and featuring early animation by Filmation. Circa 1964.
  • The 1968 Filmation cartoon series "Fantastic Voyage" featured a character named "Dr. Erika Lane", named after Lou Scheimer's daughter Erika and son Lane. Lou himself used 'Erika Lane' as a pseudonym whenever he was credited as a composer on one of his productions.
  • As a child in the late Sixties, Erika preferred watching old Westerns with Radolph Scott on Saturday mornings instead of the cartoon series produced by her father.

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