Enchanted Pants of Petronia

To paint haunted paintings

Enchanted Pants of Petronia
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Enchanted Pants of Petronia were a magical set of paints that somehow became in the possession of Prime Evil. When Madame Why refused to make magical paint for Eddie Spenser Jr. to help further his artistic ambitions, Brat-A-Rat proposed that Prime Evil give the Enchanted Pants of Petronia to Eddie, supposedly as a gifr from Madame.

Eddie immediately began work on painting a landscape including a haunted castle. When Jake Kong Jr., Jessica Wray and Tracy the Gorilla returned from an aborted visit to the Drive-In, they all found themselves drawn into the Haunted Painting and found themselves trapped in Limbo Land.


The Enchanted Pants of Petronia first appeared in the episode The Haunted Painting.


The Haunted Painting


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