Eddie's Lucky Coin

good luck charm

Eddie's Lucky Coin
Appeared in Ghostbusters

Eddie's Lucky Coin was given to him by his father, and was always kept close at hand by him.

When the Ghostbusters and Futura travelled to the Dark side of the Moon in the year 2186 to install Ghost Alarms at Moon Base Alpha, Eddie was playing with his lucky coin when he accidentally dropped it and told ten year old Keyta, daughter of the Mayor of Moon Base Alpha, all about it.

Later, Eddie was the only one who believed Keyta when she tried to warn the others about Victor and Vampra, who according to Keyta, were not innocent human moon settlers but in actuallity Vampires sent by Prime Evil to destroy the Moon Bloom crops.

Eddie handed over his lucky coin as a sign of good faith to Keyta, so she could warn the others while he stayed behind. He did so in the certainty that if Jake Kong Jr. would see the coin, he would know that Keyta was trusted by Eddie and speaking the truth.


Eddie's Lucky Coin makes its only appearance in the episode The Girl Who Cried Vampire.


The Girl Who Cried Vampire


Eddie and his lucky coin
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