Durham Castle
Durham Castle
Appeared in Ghostbusters

Durham Castle was located in Fairytale Land, just past the end of the rainbow. The Castle was the center of the richest kingdom in Fairytale Land and home to Princess Gwendolyn.

When Gwendolyn was about to get married to the handsome Prince Delwin, the wicked Gimghoul, intend on taking the castle and it's kingdom for himself, interrupted the wedding ceremony.

Gwendolyn was locked up in one of her own castle's towers, while Delwin had been transformed into an ugly troll. When the Ghostbusters came to Delwin's aid, he showed them the way into Durtham Castle, for he was very familiar with it, even remembering where to find a secret tunnel that lead into it.

Items/Characters in Durham CastleEdit


Durham Castle first appeared in the epsidoe The Princess And The Troll.


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