Dr. Jekyll
Appeared in The Ghost Busters episode"Jekyll & Hyde-Together, For the First Time!"
Played by Severn Darden

Dr. Jekyll is in the episode Jekyll & Hyde-Together, For the First Time!. He has a sidekick Mr. Hyde which is his primitive half instead of evil half. He is looking to get rid of Mr. Hyde by finding a person that lacks a personality.


He is annoyed by Mr. Hyde most of the time. That being said, he gets annoyed pretty easy and really can't take a joke.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He wears a top hat and a cape.

Special notesEdit

Severn Darden was one of the founding members of the Second City comedy troupe. As Dr. Jekyll, Darden pretty much embodies his usual act of the uptight academe.

The description of Mr. Hyde as Jekyll's more primitive side is mostly accurate to Robert Louis Stevenson's original concept--Hyde, in the book, was described as a short, scrawny, apelike man with very hairy arms, face, and hands, and with much the same mindset. Needless to say, Stevenson did not clothe Mr. Hyde in caveman furs.

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