Dr. Alex Miller
Dr. Alex Miller
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Dr. Alex Miller was the Global Peace Prize winner for 1986. He was on his way to receive his prize in Oslo, Norway together with reporter Jessica Wray. Unfortunately, Prime Evil told Airhead, Apparitia and Scared Stiff to capture Dr. Miller. Prime Evil reckoned that if the Doctor was unable to receive his peace prize, there would be no world peace.

However, the Ghostbusters boarded the train and managed to defeat the ghosts. Dr. Miller thanked them after accepting his prize in Oslo.

Personality Edit

Dr. Miller was well known around the world for his contributions to world peace. By his own account, any threat to world peace concerned him greatly. He felt that the most important thing in life was how we treat each other.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Dr. Alex Miller first appeared in Runaway Choo Choo.


Runaway Choo Choo

Trivia Edit


Dr. Miller over shoulder
Tophat Alex Miller

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