Delwin the Troll
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Delwin was a prince who lived in Fairytale Land. He was about to marry Princess Gwendolyn when the wicked Gimghoul interrupted the wedding ceremony and used his Spell Sceptre to put a spell on Delwin.

Delwin had been transformed into a troll. Although the princess was pining for the return of her prince, she failed to recognize her beloved prince in his new form. Gwendolyn told the troll 'go away, you ugly thing'. Delwin the Troll retreated into a cave, where he was found by the Ghostbusters, who had been sent to help him by Madame Why. Since Delwin knew the way around Durham Castle, he led the Ghostbusters into it.

Meanwhile, Gwendolyn had agreed to marry the wicked Gimghoul, to ensure Delwin's safety. Delwin the Troll and the Ghostbusters arrived just before the marriage was made official. At first, Gwendolyn was once again repulsed by the troll's appearance. But she also made it clear that she was only marrying Gimghoul in order to save Prince Delwin's life. When she saw the Troll risking his life by standing up against Gimghoul, her feelings towards the Troll changed.

Gwendolyn thanked the Troll for saving her life as well as her kingdom by kissing him on the nose. And by this act, Gimghoul's spell was broken and the Troll transformed into his true form, that of the handsome Prince Delwin. The Ghostbusters assumed that from that point on, Delwin and Gwendolyn would live happily ever after.

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History Edit

Delwin first appeared in The Princess And The Troll.


The Princess And The Troll


Gwendolyn and Delwin
True loves kiss

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