Count Dracula
Count Dracula
Appeared in The Ghost Busters, Ghostbusters
Voiced by Pat Fraley

Count Dracula was the infamous Lord of the Vampires from Transylvania. In 1986, he returned to take back Castle Dracula from it's current occupant, The Countess of Transylvania (not to beconfused with Countess Dracula). Dracula turned the Countess and her chauffeur Joseph into his slaves in the process. When the Lord Mayor of Transylvania called in the Ghostbusters, they confronted Dracula in his castle together with reporter Jessica Wray. Dracula was playing "Toccata en Fuga in d-moll (BWV 565)" by Johann Sebastian Bach on his organ at the time.

The Count cornered Jessica and turned her into another one of his slaves. But the three Ghosbusters put on their Spectre Shades to remain imune to Dracula's hypnotic powers. Soon, the Ghostbusters set a trap for Dracula involving Tracy's garlic salami, a mirror and a trap door. When Dracula transformed himself into a bat to escape the trap, he was caught in a glass jar that was attached to an inflatable balloon. Although Dracula escaped from the jar by turning into his human form once more, the recently revived Jessica managed to attach the balloon to Dracula's cape. The Count was pulled into the air and soon found himself overpowered by sunlight.

According to the Countess, Dracula would not return until the next time there was a ring around the full moon, which only occurs once every hundred years.


Count Dracula appeared both the live action The Ghost Busters and in the animated Ghostbusters series, in two different guises. He is not to be confused with Drac from Groovy Goolies, another Filmation series.


The Vampire's Apprentice

Shades Of Dracula



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