Copernicus Randall
Surprisded Coppy
Appeared in Ghostbusters

Copernicus Randall was an African-American boy who dreamed of becoming an astronomer. When 'Cope' was ten years old, he received a telescope from his parents after getting a great report card at school and also visited the Space Center whith them. This inspired him to invent the Stardrive that let humans go to the stars about twenty years later. With the Stardrive, He opened the way to peaceful collonisation across the galaxy. His fame was widely known even in the year 2960 when a large statue of his adult self was on display in the city of Megopolis.

Prime Evil developed a plan to make young Cope too afraid of exploring space so he would give up his dreams of becoming a scientist. Prime Evil sent Fangster to scare the boy into giving up his dream by haunting his brand new telescope. Coppy called in the Ghostbusters and stood up to Fangster when the latter threatened the boy's father at the Space Center. By mastering his fear of ghosts, Copernicus retained his love of exploring the galaxy and thereby made sure his future remained unchanged.

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Copernicus Randall first appeared in the episode My Present To The Future.


My Present To The Future


Copernicus' telescope
Randall Family
Angry Coppy
Copernicus Statue

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