Closet of Fear

To lock beings up and scare them into submission

Closet of Fear
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Closet of Fear was used by Prime Evil when Belfry refused to cooperate in a plan to destroy all of the houses on Earth by amplifying Belfry's Sonic Blasts using the Spectral Amplifier. Belfry was locked up in the Closet of Fear to scare him and make him more cooperative to the evil plan.

Inside the closet, Belfry found him surrounded by two see through ghosts on either side. But the little bat managed to overcome his initial fear and asked the ghost if they would like to play a game of cards, which they did.

When Prime Evil peeked into the box some time later, he was shocked to find that Belfry and the ghosts were enjoying a friendly game of cards.


The Spectral Amplifier first appeared in the episode Outlaw In-Laws.


A place to lock up undesirables and have the ghost inhabitants of the closet scare them into submission.


Belfry Boxed of Fear
Playing Cards

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