Clint Kong
Appeared in Ghostbusters-Like Father Like Son
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Clint Kong (also known as Marshal Clint) was the great grandfather of the Ghostbuster Jake Kong Jr., and likewise grandfather of Jake Kong Sr. He was the Marshal of Tombstone Arizona. Prime Evil came up with a plan to turn Clint a werewolf, thereby inflicting the entire Kong family with the curse of the werewolf.

On September 10th, 1842, Sir Trancelot and his steed Frightmare were sent back to Tombstone to kidnap Clint Kong and take him back to Hauntquarters. Once there, he was thwown into a cell where Prime Evil used a ray from his eyes to turn Kong into a werewolf. After that, Clint was returned to his proper place in time.

In werewolf form, Clint began to scare away the villagers of Tombstone, and two years later, only old Wally remained. That year the Ghostbusters and Jessica Wray returned to Tombstone from 1986 to confront Werewolf Clint. Having figured out the exact date Clint was cursed, the Ghostbusters travelled back another two years in time to stop Clint from beint kidnapped by Trancelot in the first place, thereby returning the flow of time to it's original course.

That is except for the fact that Clint Kong now had knowledge of his ancestors and the future, including the invention of Television. Clint thanked his great-great grandson Jake by presenting him with an inscribed picture and told the Ghostbusters they were welcome to visit anytime.


He seemed to be a very strong man with a sense of duty.


He wore a cowboy hat and clothes and looked a lot like Jake Kong Sr.


Clint was around during the 1940's as is Great Grandfather Kong which may be explained as filmation doesn't age characters greatly, so perhaps Clint is in his late 40's and Great Grandfather Kong was a teen, and got married and search during the time of the mining.


Like Father Like Son



Werewolf Clint
Clint Kong augtograph

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